English, Foundation to Year 10

One of the key ideas in the learning area of English in the Australian Curriculum is the appreciation of literature. Visiting authors/illustrators can help teachers and students develop this understanding, along with many other skills related to Communication processes and Literacy. To print information click here: Curriculum links English.

Structure – Strands and Sub-strands

Author/illustrator visits link particularly well to the following sub-strands:
Responding to literature

  • Personal responses to the ideas, characters and viewpoints in texts
  • Expressing preferences and evaluating texts

Examining literature

  • Features of literary texts
  • Language devices in literary texts

Creating literature

  • Creating literary texts
  • Experimentation and adaptation

Author/illustrator visits can links well to the following sub-strands:
Text structure and organisation

  • Purpose audience and structures of different types of texts
  • Text cohesion
  • Punctuation
  • Concepts of print and screen

Expressing and developing ideas

  • Sentences and clause level grammar
  • Word level grammar
  • Visual language
  • Vocabulary
  • Spelling

Phonics and word knowledge
(Picture books & Poetry. Usually in the younger years)

  • Phonological and phonemic awareness
  • Alphabet and phonic knowledge
  • Spelling

Author/illustrator visits can link to this strand and provide educators with a helpful springboard to consolidate the following sub-strands:
Texts in context

  • Texts and the contexts in which they are used

Interacting with others

  • Listening and speaking interactions (purposes and contexts)
  • Listening and speaking interactions (skills)
  • Oral presentations

Interpreting, analysing and evaluating

  • Purpose and audience
  • Reading processes
  • Comprehension strategies
  • Analysing and evaluating texts

Creating texts

  • Creating texts
  • Editing
  • Handwriting
  • Use of software
Author/illustrator visits cross multiple areas of the Australian Curriculum (English). However, speakers cannot cover all areas in a single session. Please let speakers know at the time of booking if you require a specific focus in a particular area. Author/illustrator visits also motivate students and provide excellent opportunities for educators to develop explicit programs through meaningful lead-up and follow-up learning experiences
To print this information click here: Curriculum links English.